He-Shed, She-Shed: Insuring Your Special Place

He-Shed, She-Shed: Insuring Your Special Place

He-Shed, She-Shed: Insuring Your Special Place

Many have their favorite places in their homes. Some may even have a specific area. Men have long been known to nest in a man-cave, basement or work area in a garage. Some women take pride in being the queen of the kitchen, have a sewing room or gardening or she-shed. Are these areas, even if they’ve been customized or upgraded, covered by your homeowners’ insurance? Of course, any room in the house, along with its contents would be covered up to the limits of your homeowners’ policy. What, however, if it is a detached structure like a he-shed or a she shed?

Generally speaking outdoor structures like a gazebo, fence and sheds are covered under standard homeowners’ insurance policies. This again, depends on the policy limits and will insure structures under covered perils. These covered perils would likely include wind and storms, a falling tree and fire. These structures may not be covered for calamities like flooding, insect damage or damage due to poor maintenance.

You should also keep in mind that a separate structure is only covered up to a percentage of the value of the main structure on the property. This can mean that an extensive he-shed or she-shed that is loaded with features and amenities could potential outgrow the coverage of a modest home’s insurance policy. You are always best served by having a discussion with your independent insurance agent.

Many homeowners make upgrades to their homes and properties without giving much thought to their homeowners’ insurance. They may upgrade the roof, add a fence, build a deck or sunroom or upgrade a master bath. All of these can add to the value of your home. This is why getting a homeowners’ insurance policy review can be so important. A review can keep you on top of your coverage and prevent any gaps. You can get a complementary, no-obligation insurance review today by contacting one of our professionals. As independent agents, they are qualified to review the policies from any issuing company. If you like, they can get an updated quote that may provide even better coverage at the same, or a better price. Contact us today for the protection you deserve.

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